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Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov

Who says that you can’t take a shortcut to growth?
Let Dancho’s life stories pave your way
to a successful B2B digital business and save you a mistake or two.


Latest episodes

Sweet Buzz #141 Dedicate Time To Do NOTHING

Episode #141 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business, “Dedicate Time To Do NOTHING”. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I have too many daily responsibilities. Meetings, deadlines, catch-ups, conferences, webinars and seminars, messages, and emails, I can go on and on....

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Sweet Buzz #140 What We Accomplished in One Month

Episode #140 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business, “What We Accomplished in One Month”. I wanted to brag a little, complain, and share with you what has been happening, what we have achieved, and what is going to happen. I left...

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Sweet Buzz #139 “Sweet Buzz” Reached 3k Listeners

Episode #139 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business, “Sweet Buzz Reached 3k Listeners”. Sweet Buzz reached 3k listeners! I’m so excited and grateful. Thank you for listening, and taking valuable insights from it. Thank you for allowing me to be a...

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Sweet Buzz #138 The “Prospecting and Outreach Summit” is Around the Corner

Episode #138 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business, “The “Prospecting and Outreach Summit” is Around the Corner”. I’m inviting you to the first “Prospecting and Outreach Summit”. A whole-day event, that will be held online on November 15th, 2022. This summit...

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About Dancho

Dancho Dimkov is the face of hard work and dedication.  A serial entrepreneur. A proud ‘Global Innovator’ award winner and Business Elite’s “40 under 40.” The driving buzz, the founder and the CEO of BizzBee Solution. An MSc, ExMBA, CMgr, CMC and since 2021, the president of MCA-2000. Soon to be published author. A true believer and supporter of sweet growth. The host of two vodcast series – “The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series” and “Helping B2B high-ticket service providers grow – one lesson at a time”. Everything he does and believes in is inspired by growth.

Being the modern-day Superman he is, he flies from one quest to another, making sure everything runs smoothly. Inspired by growth, Dancho helps other companies build the perfect, solid bridge to their ideal clients. He constantly challenges himself to grow and achieve better. Living on this buzzing, entrepreneurial planet of his means that he must be the guidepost for other B2B businesses, leading them on their path to prosperity.

His kryptonite?
His family.
His wife Maja and his 3-year-old son, Metodija.