It’s Friday, and I’m back with a brand new story to share. So, what’s the topic for today? Failure. Yeah, you heard me right. Failure and how we all tend to come up with excuses for not getting things done. But wait, I’ve got a story for you. Remember my recent birthday trip to Thasos? It was a blast. But here’s the twist – during that trip, I managed to hurt my ribs while jumping off rocks into the water. Ouch! Still not sure if they’re broken, but they’re definitely swollen. Bad news? I have a triathlon coming up on Sunday – a swim, bike, and run sequence. Imagine doing that with sore ribs. But I realized something profound: I never lose. I either win or learn. Obstacles are our stepping stones to growth. I want you to remember that challenges aren’t roadblocks. They’re stepping stones. Keep pushing through, and remember, there’s no losing when learning. Cheers!

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