Sweet Buzz #179 Evaluating Product-Market Fit: How To Know When You Need To Adjust Your Strategy?

Episode #179 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business, “Evaluating Product-Market Fit: How To Know When You Need To Adjust Your Strategy?”

Is it always the sales team’s fault when a startup doesn’t succeed? Or if there is a lack of product-market fit? I’m a management consultant and sales expert, and I have worked with several startups. So, when sales campaigns don’t work out, it’s usually either because the sales techniques are wrong or the marketing isn’t doing a great job. No, shift your perspective. How can you determine whether there is a product-market fit or not? Startups should look at customer feedback and analyze customer data to understand better how their product is being received. Also, startups should focus on building relationships with their customers to better understand their needs. I’m encouraging startups to keep an open mind and be willing to pivot if the market is not responding to their product.

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