In episode #50 of Sweet Buzz – Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov, I talk about New Year reflections and resolutions.

2021 was quite the year.

Here’s a wrap in short:

– I attended 50 guest interviews;

– “The B2B Outbound Marketing and Sales Automation Series” – 9 video interviews live, and 3 yet to be published);

– “Helping B2B High Ticket Service Providers Grow – One Lesson at a Time” – 11 video interviews live, and 9 yet to be published);

– “Sweet Buzz” – 50 episodes;

– “Sweet Leads”, the podcast;

– I published my very first book, “Sweet Leads”;

– We’ve launched a new agency;

– My team is 100% self-sufficient, and I can really rely on them;

– I’ve started the BizzBee Academy and

– I had the opportunity of visiting Sri Lanka, where I created the five-year plan for BizzBee Solutions.

That’s a wrap, folks! You’ll have to listen to the end of the episode, to reveal my vision for 2022!


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